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In our world today, children suffer from many societal ruins due the fact that many of them are ignorant of the values a good society is built upon. These norms vary from one state to another. Some of them are universally accepted while others are not. For instance, murder and rape are punishable offences anywhere in the world whereas drunkenness and same sex relationship might not be seen as an offence in some states. Values can be good or bad. When a society adopts bad values such as materialism, corruption, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and many others, the outcome is a society that is bedeviled with terrible wicked deeds and abject poverty of its people. Across all traditions, are values such as sense of morality, fairness, integrity and a few others. However, most important among them is the fear of God. Children are the future of any generation. This literary piece is therefore, meant to help them to hold on to the good norms that defines humanity and mankind.
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