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Gnani Purush means the One who has awakened and experienced the Self, and is able to convey and make others experience the Self too. Gnani Purush Dadashri became enlightened in 1958, and in 1962 he began making those who asked for it; aware and experience the Self too. He was able to accomplish this in just one hour. This process of direct awakening to the Self--separating internally from the self has now become famous as the Gnan Vidhi of Dadashri.
Human beings of our world suffer from mental, physical and invited pain because they do not know who they really are. Upon realizing the Self, all ignorance and ignorance related pains leave. Self knowledge is light. In light there is no darkness or ignorance. With the light of the Self, one can become free, despite being in the midst of all the worldly interactions that may bring stress, turmoil or discomfort.
This book introduces the seeker of freedom from worldly pains to the direct easy path to the Self called Akram Vignan. Akram means without any attempts to do anything, without the arduous methods of traditional practices of self enquiry, fasting, penance, chanting, meditation etc. It is a direct step less path to Self-realization.

Published: Shuddha Anami on
ISBN: 9781311135834
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