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Not Quite Beowulf

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The truth behind the old legend! The honest story of the King, the Monster and the Hero; the real Beowulf revealed in a tale that puts the darkness back in the dark ages!
Colonial King Lars builds his imperialistic Beer Hall on the ancestral swamp of the Trolls causing a conflict that (quite literally) rips apart the feudal world. He is forced to send for the sinister Beowulf in order to defeat his nemesis, the revolutionary Troll, Grendel. Beowulf, however, has plans of his own. As the forces of Man and Nature collide friends and foes are not all they seem. Except for Gareth, the Royal Dog; he is exactly what he seems.
Beowulf, Grendel and King Lars battle for control of the Biggest Beer Hall There Has Ever Been; and, although we all think we know the story, the outcome is very far from sure.
Beer, Blood, Fire, Death and Danger are all out there as the struggle for power begins!

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