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Making God Laugh

Length: 312 pages4 hours


Ellen Jameson is the widow of legendary journalist and television broadcaster, Derek Jameson. But she is much more besides. Garnering acclaim as a Fleet Street journalist, a BBC broadcaster, author, actress, and theater producer, Ellen bestrode the British media business with her husband for years. Mixing with celebrity strata from princes to Prime Ministers, Ellen has graced prime time television and various national publications, as well as co-hosting a hugely successful national radio show with Derek. From delivering herself to the Beatles in a giant parcel as a teenager to her star-studded wedding to Derek in Arundel Cathedral, there are happy memories galore. Life has not, however, always been so kind to Ellen. Growing up with the burden of a dysfunctional family of heavy drinkers, it wouldn’t be long before Ellen succumbed to demons of her own. A hell of drugs, sex, and suicidal compulsion threatened to engulf her, but in a testament to human endurance she fought through to recovery and the beckoning of a brighter life. In Making God Laugh, Ellen tells her story with great verve and charm, laying bare the shocking and the scandalous in her glittering career. The beating heart of this deeply moving book is how Derek Jameson loved his flagging bride back from desperate alcoholism and into life. This is the inspirational story of Ellen Jameson, her love for a husband, and her steadfast belief that we are all here on earth just making God laugh. 

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