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Playground Mafia: The Essential Guide to Observing, Identifying and Managing Playground Mums (and the Occasional Dad)

Length: 168 pages1 hour


The average playground is full of bullies, show-offs, and gossips—and we don't mean the kids. Parents have evolved into the worst kinds of stereotype in the last few decades, and this fun and funny book identifies them all: spot them in your playground today! From Competitive Mom to Flaky Mom to Tittle-Tattle Mom (and with a few dads thrown in for good measure), the playground stereotypes are hilarious and horrifying in turn. Packed with wonderfully observed case studies, this book will strike a chord with any mom who has cowered behind the bike shed to avoid League-Tables Mom. The authors (obviously both "normal" moms) have used over 13 years' experience of primary school playgrounds to identify and categorize all the key players.

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