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Life Through Loss

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As Gail watched loved ones walk perilous journeys, she realized her past relationships with them had followed an intentional plan of detachment. It was as though Gail had erected a sign that said, Keep Out. Fear of involvement in situations that could upset her predictable world excluded them from her personal life.

Now the caregiving and encouragement they desperately needed began to overpower her inner resistance. Feelings of inadequacy and fear of rejection surfaced, but she couldn’t deny the looming crises. A single, independent woman all her life, she relinquished her safe place as a spectator. Her new involvement ushered her toward intimacy with those who suffered as well as with their adult children. Surprisingly, the new closeness felt natural, rewarding.

Gail takes you with her on a deeply personal journey. You will laugh, cry, and ponder life as you read about those who faced an uncertain future. Compelling stories and active dialog will make you feel kinship with people whose experiences may parallel your own. With honesty and vulnerability, Gail discloses her personal struggles and reflections and shares how God revealed His purpose for her. Because of her discovery of life through loss, she desires to be a beacon. Just like Gail, you can have light and hope in exchange for darkness and isolation.

As you begin recognizing the connections God is weaving between you and others as a result of your own loss, you will find the courage to take the next step forward as Gail did. When you do, God will help you discover His purpose and plan for your next season.

Life awaits you just around the bend.

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