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True Lies

Length: 288 pages3 hours


When ex-soldier and police officer Ross Slater took on a close protection security job he got more than he bargained for. His job was to provide security for leading members of Greenpeace. But when he mentioned his new career to contacts in Special Branch they came up with an even juicier role for him—as a double agent spying on the activities of the environmental group. With split loyalties, Slater had to tread a fine line between fulfilling his duties to the ecowarriors while alerting the authorities whenever he felt their stunts risked endangering the lives of the public. During his time as an insider, Slater immersed himself in the radical lifestyle of the environmental activist, battling to stay straight while drug taking and a free love spirit of extramarital affairs went on around him. In this action-packed expose on how British police spy on green groups, Slater reveals how he feared he’d been kidnapped by illegal loggers during a training exercise in the Amazon jungle, drove a truck that would dump half a ton of coal at 10 Downing Street while tipping off the authorities to the stunt at the same time, spied on top Premier League football stars as part of a high profile campaign, and faced a race against time to copy secret files before being caught.

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