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Chronicles of Kymbell

Length: 243 pages3 hours


“In explaining the life of Dr. Kymbell Davenport, I leave nothing to the speculation. Kymbell’s legend is what you, the reader, make of it. Kymbell is a SOCIOPATH; a living “MONSTER” with a “HUNGER” to kill! Kymbell is a rare form of “EVIL”, but what kind is he? Well, it is hard to say. Dr. Davenport, or as he prefers “Dr. Kymbell”, bases his “LUST” for “DEATH” on his deprivation of life. Kymbell’s existence mirrors a person of respect, candor, danger, determination and meaning. Kymbell is not just a “KILLER”; he is a passionate “GENIUS” with a “THIRST” for life. Now, sit back, relax, and study the “LIFE” of this introverted and unmerciful “Serial Killing Sociopath.”

J.W. Stokes

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