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A Darkness from Beyond Universe: The Legend of Medes and the Birth of Hell

Length: 362 pages5 hours


“What’s her problem?” he muttered. Before he could delve any deeper into that quandary, the crack of the gavel summoned his attention back to the dais.

The Lord Chairman rose from his seat to his full height and, as protocol required, yelled out across the room: “This august council has reached a decision!” Looking down at Medes, he said, “You are exiled from Cadre until further notice. You—”

Medes sprang from the chair. “By the huge hairy balls swinging between the hind legs of a monstrous lumbering muzzgutt, but that’s not fair! Until further notice? And when might tha—”

The Lord Chairman slammed his gavel down this time, its eardrum rending sound reverberating throughout the bleak room. “Be silent! You are the rudest and most self-centered Eternal Being I’ve ever met!”

The security officer snickered.

Distracted, the Lord Chairman shot her a reproving look. He took a moment to recompose himself then looked back down at Medes and growled, “You will be allowed to return when you can show us you have learned that Universe was not created for your sole benefit! That you have developed an understanding of one’s responsibility to others, and that the concept of that kind of responsibility despises selfishness! You are excused!”

Medes stood open-mouthed as the gavel struck the dais in a final, jarring bang.

The Lord Chairman turned to leave. He froze and looked back, his eyes boring into Medes still standing there gaping. “I said you are excused! I want you out of my sight and off Cadre within the hour!”...

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