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Enlightenment An Outbreak - Six first hand accounts of Enlightenment Occurrences (Enlightenment Series, #1)

Length: 405 pages7 hours


Six first-hand accounts of Enlightenment Occurrences of disciples of Ramesh S. Balsekar.
Enlightenment - what happens when it happens!
Enlightenment Occurrences are documented by Madhukar Thompson

"There was tremendous sense of oneness, not only between Maharaj and myself, but a oneness with the whole existence, with Totality.
There was a tremendous sense of oneness which, quite frankly, made words seem so unnecessary. That's why there was certain amount of impatience to get done with the talk. Words seemed so unnecessary.
It is there! At the same time, I had the reluctant wish that someone else was translating. For then I wouldn't have needed to do the translations, and I could have been exclusively in the experience, without doing a job at the same time." - Ramesh S. Balsekar
"I was filled and overcome by the feeling of a very intense or dense presence.
Along with that presence, the deepest possible intuitive knowing came into existence that there is nothing but That.
At the same time, it was known that all phenomena, all things perceived, are just an illusion, and nothing other than That.
I don't know what happened, or how the occurrence came about, or what this presence was. I don't even want to know. And I don't care.
It was so simple and natural. There was no exalted feeling of ecstasy or joy. There were no tears, no thunder and lightning; there was just awareness and certitude, and the feeling of peace and love." - Marc Beuret
"It was the moment in which the disciple came to the Master without any expectation or imagination.
The mind was totally empty, and the heart was full of love. In this moment it happened that the Satguru showered his love on the disciple.
And that was the extinction of the last minute tinge, the unveriling was complete. - Margarete Beuret

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