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The Essence of Sri Aurobindo

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We are souls and not the surface person, and every problem we say is ours, physical, mental or spiritual, is the result of the veil of Ignorance God placed over us, making us believe we are the surface person and its ego; and that veil will not be removed until we, the souls, have collected the required experiences that are indi-rectly created by the surface persons we falsely identify with.

As life unfolds its drama to the eyes,

And our joys and pains easily exchange,

It would be wise to remember the fact

That, the compliment heard, the song of the bird

The friendly clasp, the dagger in the back,

The child’s contagious smile, the repulsive and the vile

The slap on the face, the love and its grace

The hideous whip or the dreadful rod

Come not from another—other than God.

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