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Society gets contaminated with viruses of selfishness, self-interest, egoism, greed etc. It eventually hinders the perpetual growth and progress that affect everyone in the society. Such sick society gradually denies the basic human needs that are present in our core nature. The fatal illusion that all the time that is invested in love, friendship and humanness is wasted and lost, is the beginning of such a sick society. This denies basic human needs inherent in our very nature.  This book will give clear glimpse of the denial of our basic human nature which is inherent in each human being. Unless we re-instigate that basic nature, progress and wellbeing in the society would remain as a far distant dream.

How can we make that paradigm shift in the selfish nature of human beings, thereby establishing the importance of CSR for the progress of the society.

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CSR - Dr. Joji Valli

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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

(May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.)


At the outset I would like to acknowledge that the content of this book is an enhanced version of a chapter from my doctoral thesis titled Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Impact on the Society: A Philosophical Study. I would like to thank many seen and unseen hands who have been instrumental directly or indirectly. I am immensely grateful to Prof. Vijay Karekar, the Dean of the faculty for being such an understanding, helpful and inspiring person during this research.

Indebted indeed, I am to Prof. Dr. Kuruvilla Pandikattu, the research guide for his creative suggestions and guidance during this journey. Being a philosopher-scientist, his multi-disciplinary depth of wisdom has been a catalyst in doing this inter-disciplinary research with mutual understanding — making it a joyfully experience to cherish in life. It is his inspiration and promptness that made me a successful, proud shisya under his wings and to spread my wings to venture into the new realm of CSR in the real world. Thank you, Kuruji, for being a wonderful guide, friend and inspiration in this research and in life.

I also want express my gratitude to Dr. C. Drago, Dr. Shiju Xavier, Dr. Anil Parkhi, Dr. Gireesh Kumar and Fr. Sebastian for going through different drafts of my thesis and enhancing it with valuable suggestions and feedbacks from different disciplines of their expertise. At times, when I got stuck with no mood to proceed, it is their constant inspiration that boosted my spirit to return into the research with high level of energy and enthusiasm.

I also wish to acknowledge and be grateful to the wisdom of numerous philosophers, masters, authors and human beings whose works and life experiences I have referred, quoted or used to substantiate my concepts and standpoints in this research. The references from other authors and books are used here with the intention of spreading the CSR awareness to the grass-root levels of the society. And it is certainly a CSR act in itself, so kindly excuse the references in this book with a CSR attitude and approach. Frankly, I personally take no credits of the content I have referred in this work, rather being grateful to its contributors.

Finally I am grateful to the Almighty for choosing me to undertake this research as it is said in the Quran that on every grain of wheat is written the name of the one that it is to be consumed. I express my deepest thankfulness from the depth of my heart for instilling me with apt ideas and power of creative thinking to successfully complete the wonderful research in CSR which is the need of the hour for the society.

I wholeheartedly salute the EXISTENCE with reverence and humbleness as I dedicate and offer this book to the world.

Dr. Joji Valli, Pune, India (September 12, 2014)

Contact: drjojivalli@gmail.com

Table of Contents


1 Selfishness as the Core Human Nature 

1.1 Isn’t Everyone Selfish? 6.1.2 Selfishness to Egoism 

1.3 Egoism the Foster-father of Greed 

1.3.1 What is Greed? 

1.3.2 Why Are We Greedy? 

2 Individualism 

2.1 Features of Individualism 

2.2 Individualism