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How to Make and Decorate Cookies: Cake Decorating for Beginners, #3

60 pages20 minutes


Making and decorating cookies can be anywhere from a fun, family activity to a full-fledged work of modern art! Whether you're throwing a celebration for the kids or the grown-ups, everyone loves cookies!

With a beautifully crafted plate of cookies both kids and adults alike will show their “oohs and ahs” over your new cookie creations. The wonderfully artistic ones will have your guests marveling at them as much as wanting to eat them up!

This is a BEGINNER'S BOOK which will teach you the basic tools, resources and instructions on how to create for yourself, and your family and friends, some beautiful and deliciously decorated cookies. Learn how fun and easy it is for anyone to create a plate of cookies that will look like they were made by a professional.

Included are recipes for Drop Cookies (9 recipes!), Formed Cookies (15 recipes!), tools & supplies needed, decorating your creations and storage.

With this easy-to-follow book you can now learn how to make and decorate your own cookies that everyone will love!

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