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Springboards for Budding Preachers: Open-Air Preaching Transcripts

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Based on his more than forty years of open-air preaching, Ray Comfort has discovered certain principles that can help you preach the gospel effectively: how to draw a crowd, how to begin speaking, how to hold their attention, what subjects to cover. When he began preaching outside a local courthouse, he found a completely different dynamic. He didn’t have to gather an audience—it was already there.Whether you speak to a captive audience or need to draw a crowd, these transcripts of dozens of open-air sessions will offer helpful tips and illustrations to capture and keep their attention. Just as Jesus used parables to garner the attention of the crowds around Him, painting vivid pictures in the minds of His hearers to press home eternal truths, these creative “springboards” are modern-day parables to help you bring understanding of the gospel to your listeners.

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