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The Prince of Destiny

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In the fantastical land of Haxter, Prince Fedradin is engrossed in an adventure of epic proportions. While trying to come to terms with his new responsibility as Prince of Destiny, a title which he isn’t sure he wants, this young, banished prince will have to deal with orphaned wizards, elfish princesses, fugitive dwarves, mysterious sorceresses, callous kings and vengeful demons through the swirl of plots and counterplots, assassination, espionage, war, rebellion, romance, magic and mystery. After Fedradin assembles a team of five unlikely heroes and heroines, the group travels to a village in the mountains where they receive an assignment to find magical devices known as Demon Callers and to keep them out of the hands of the evil demon Erch. As the adventure complicates, revenge and honor outweigh the importance of the quest and threaten to tear the group apart. In a tale brought to you by a middle school author, Fedradin must try to thwart Erch and keep peace between the Nine Races, while tackling his fears of trusting others, becoming a leader, and fulfilling his destiny.

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