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The Police Trilogy

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The Police Trilogy is now available as a complete boxset.


Police is the first part of the steamy Police erotic romance trilogy.

Internal Affairs cop Eve Knight is given one final chance after a terrible (and sexy) mistake. And so she decides to make the most of it, and go after the biggest fish in the barrel, a detective that has eluded IA for years now, but who everyone is sure is crooked as hell.

Meanwhile, Detective Brandon Goodheart is unexpectedly seconded to the Strike Team, an elite group of anti-gang police, where he meets Detective Conrad Duff, a straight-talking, no-nonsense cop with a penchant for street justice.

Knight and Goodheart must form an unlikely alliance, one full of suspense, action and adventure, as well as erotic encounters that will make your heart thump.


Cop is the second part of the steamy Police erotic romance trilogy.

Internal Affairs cop Eve Knight is about to embark on a sting operation that is below the radar and off the books. It’s her last chance in the department, and she’s taking a big risk to do it. Even riskier is navigating her growing feelings for the man she has tasked with being her mole.

Detective Brandon Goodheart, also attempting to ignore his burgeoning attraction to Eve must risk his life to infiltrate the notorious Strike Team, and its charismatic but corrupt leader Conrad Duff. He’s walking a fine line between lust and danger.

Knight and Goodheart come together in an alliance full of suspense, action, adventure, and erotic liaisons that will set your pulse racing.


Sheriff is the concluding chapter of the steamy Police erotic romance trilogy.

Eve and Brandon fight for their lives and their love in the explosive and seductive finale to their joint operation to bring down Detective Conrad Duff.

But can life ever be the same for them again?

“Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene,” The Romance Reviews.

Contains mature adult content.

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