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Drowning in Fear: Weirdville, #4

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Drowning in Fear: Weirdville, #4

Length: 86 pages1 hour


Could Nolan's lifelong fear of drowning be connected to the spooky cabin from his nightmares, and the lake surrounded by creepy, crawling mist?

"...reminds me of the books I grew up with by RL Stine and Christopher Pike. If you loved those, these will be perfect."BookLover

In an attempt to help Nolan get over his fears, his Dad signs him up for a summer camp near Lake Weird. Ever since Nolan heard the news, he's been having nightmares about an abandoned cabin near a lake, and about him drowning in water thick as blood.

He's certain his nightmares are related to his fear of drowning, but when he arrives at summer camp, and finds out there's a cabin near Lake Weird that matches the withered cabin from his nightmares, he realizes something more sinister is going on.

"My daughters and I love the 'Weirdville' series! These books are great for kids who enjoy a little spooky reading but not something so scary they can't sleep." ~ A. LeBlanc

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the fourth book in the "Weirdville" series of spooky-fun adventures. These chapter books are perfect for young readers aged 7-11. [DRM-Free]

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