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A Squirrel's Tale

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A Squirrel’s Tale is an animal fiction fantasy story for the 10+ age group to adults as seen through the eyes of a juvenile, orphaned red squirrel.
The forests of South West Scotland provide the backdrop to the story, home to the last major colony of red squirrels in Britain. As long as time itself, a natural order has governed this peaceful squirrel population. It is their steadfast belief that “The Lord of the Sky,” the Maker of all things, watches over them, and their reverent understanding that nature’s way is his will. To most squirrels, their world operates in a basically benign fashion. It can be fierce, competitive, even hazardous, at times, but this occurs only out of necessity and represents an essential condition of existence. Rusty, a loner and orphaned juvenile red squirrel however is not content. Deep down, he feels that the Lord of the Sky has ordained a special purpose for him. In his vivid dreams, he constantly challenges the Lord of the Sky to reveal his calling. Many squirrels view him as strange and eccentric, so he spends much of his time away from the Clan.
One spring morning the diminutive Rusty is exploring the farthest part of the forest where a small group of Reds have recently settled. Undetected, he witnesses their brutal murder by a bloodthirsty band of grey squirrels. Abaddon, their ferocious leader has brought his hordes of Greys North, his aim, to kill all red squirrels once and for all.
Rusty must warn the main Clan. Outnumbered they will have to overcome all odds and fight for the very survival of their species.

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