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Life's Road Trip

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Detours, signs, pedestrians, vehicles - these are just a few of the elements encountered when driving, and living. New drivers must learn how to navigate to make their journey fun and safe. More experienced drivers may find a refresher course useful from time to time.

Life's Road Trip is a delightful little cruise through the twists and turns that most people experience as they journey along life's highways, byways, country roads and busy side streets. Concise nuggets of wisdom and anecdotes dot the landscape of the pages of this enchanting little book, providing intriguing suggestions for driving in a way that takes you where you want to go.

The ideal gift for the young or experienced “driver,” readers of all ages will be captivated by the wit and charm of this innovative driving manual from the point of departure to the end of the road.

Kit Duncan's Life's Road Trip - buckle up and shift into gear for the ride of your life!

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