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Approaches to Research on the Systematics of Fish-Borne Trematodes

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Approaches to Research on the Systematics of Fish-Borne Trematodes is a concise guide for systematic studies of the prevalence of fish-borne trematodes both in the endemic areas and experimental laboratories. It includes methods to identify species of fish-borne trematodes to enhance the precision of research studies based on the metacercarial stage.

Misidentification of trematode species is a common occurrence when researchers are new to the field and have no guidance. Consequentially, sometimes publications report inaccurate prevalence rates of these parasites. This compact guide gives clear direction on:

Collection of parasites in the final hosts Collection of cercaria from snail first intermediate hosts Collection of metacercaria from fish hosts Molecular identification of parasites Systematics of fish-borne trematodes Provides research guidelines and protocols for studying systematics of fish-borne trematodes using both morphological and molecular data Presents keys to enable identification of metacercariae of fish-borne trematodes in the Greater Mekong subregion

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