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Gringo Guide to Speaking Spanish

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Gringo Guide to Speaking Tourist Spanish - Instantly Know What To Say!
"I had a challenge. I had to move to Mexico for my health and to retire. Sure, I spoke English, a few words of French from high school, about 12 words of Spanish which might wind me up in fight or worse in a Mexican jail; yeah - they were mostly curse words. I was in trouble and when I arrived in Mexico, I needed help badly.
Luckily, I met two important people, who worked with me on Spanish. They pushed me to find ways of studying and practicing Spanish, I created the Gringo Guide as my study guide. I was the gringo -- and I definitely had to have a guide to get me through the experience of living here in Mexico. 14 years later, I'm still here and get along well with native Spanish speakers.
I learned what was needed, and listened to what people asked of the waiters, restaurant owners, etc. Later, then my friends accompanied me to doctors and travelled with me through Mexico before I met my wife and married, 10 years ago.
By the time we were finished, so was the book and we had part of it recorded so that pronunciation would be no problem for anyone to learn. Now, everyone I know who visits Mexico, Spanish or anywhere else in Latin America - can speak like a expat that lives in Mexico. It's that easy.
The electronic file will fit on Kindle, ipad, nook, vook, etc. devices to help you communicate on the spot with electronic support. So, when someone says: Que quieres tomar? You'll immediately know the answer -- una marguarita, por favor. Or, una coca (coca-cola), limonada (lemonade), cerveza (beer), or whatever you want! Fulfill all your needs to communicate in Spanish for Spain, Mexico or Latin America?
An pronounciation audio file is free - email author (copyright page) for your mp3. The book comes with a full guide, by sections to learn, use, and get answers to all your questions. It's guaranteed to make your vacation -- fantastic.

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