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A Hebrew Text in Greek Dress

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William F. Albright, a scholar in modern archaeology, wrote in "Christianity Today," June 21, 1968, that New Testament studies are being revolutionized as the date of the Gospels is pushed back, and the meaning of obscure text is illuminated. We now have a similar increase in the quantity of Semitic texts dating to just before and just after the time of Christ. They vastly increase our understanding of the grammar and vocabulary of the Hebrew and Aramaic spoken and written in the time of Christ.

It has been over forty years since Albright declared the Gospels to be written in Hebrew, and yet the majority of academic research has held its focus in the Hellenistic genre. "A Hebrew Text in Greek Dress" was written to address the suggestions concluded by Albright and the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, that the mindset of the Gospels are Hebraic Kippah to Kippah (cover to cover). This text focuses on two major themes, both are imperative in our ability to understand the Messiah, and His wonderful teachings. What is "The Kingdom of Heaven," and how should we interpret "The Beatitudes of Matthew 5:1-11?"

Dr. William V. McDonald is dedicated to the teachings of Hebrew History and Jewish Studies as a means of understanding the Bible. Because of the academic research of many Hebraic scholars, the Gospels can now be interpreted in their original cultural settings of the second Temple period. Dr. McDonald provides Christians and Jewish Christians a solid foundation for understanding the Bible from its Hebraic roots. His teachings are imperative for believers today who desire to experience the Messiah of yesterday in a personal intimacy as they journey through the Biblical text.

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