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Indigo: The Saving Bailey Trilogy #2

416 pages6 hours


A never ending summer. Gangs. Strippers. Drugs and alcohol.

Bailey Sykes didn’t expect to be stuck at the bottom of a bottle after taking her mom’s Walther to school in an attempt to eradicate everyone on her Bullet List. And she certainly didn’t expect Clad — the boy who loves her to the end of the universe and back— to show up and save her, either. Over the summer, guilt and remorse threaten to swallow her whole. To combat the mental and physical anguish she suffers, Bailey transforms herself. She embodies someone unbreakable. Someone heartless. Someone named Indigo.

Indigo—like the night, like the darkness that takes my breath away, like the nightclub that has demeaned my mother and myself.

But Bailey suffers a loss so great, even Indigo cannot handle it. Her world is shaken, the ground pulled from underneath her, and she has to remember who she is again. She comes to realize that Indigo is not as unbreakable as she once thought. In fact, Indigo might be the easiest person she has to let go of.

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