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If a person continues to paddle his boat of life without deciding on his destination, how can he ever embark on the right course? He will get tired from paddling, give up, and ultimately drown midway in the ocean. Therefore it is very necessary to first decide the destination. Life without a goal is synonymous to keeping an engine running idle. If you want the ultimate goal, then liberation should be that goal. But, if you want something in between, and you do not have happiness in your life, then at least make your life free of conflicts. These are the words of Gnani Purush Dadashri, the enlightened One, who has been giving the world the vision of the Self which shatters all darkness and ignorance within, so that one can become free from conflict, internal or external in life.

Make a book that has the knowledge of worldly interactions. If people’s worldly interactions improve it would be enough. These words of mine will change their minds for the benefit of all. Keep my words as they are. Do not alter them. They have tremendous power in them. They are without any sense of ownership. The preparation for publication and presentation is your task.

This knowledge of mine on the art and science of worldly interaction is such that it will be useful for all in the world. The entire mankind will benefit from it.

My worldly interaction was very ideal. I am teaching worldly interaction as well as religion. Everyone will benefit, from the one with gross understanding to the one with subtle understanding. Therefore do something that will help all people. I have read many books that claim to help the world, but they fall short. They may help a little, but none exist that make a meaningful improvement in life. For this you need a doctor of the mind. I am the full doctor of mind.

All the above are words of Gnani Purush Dadashri. if you have any sense of pain, any conflict with anyone in life, and inner disturbance and turmoil, for which there seem to be no answer or solution, reading this book, 'Life Without Conflict' will amaze you, as you find the solutions from within your self only.

Published: Shuddha Anami on
ISBN: 9781310591815
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