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80 Recipes For Beauty Face Masks, And a Complete Guide, to Create Your Own Combinations

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In this book I tried to create a useful guide where you will find not only a list of face mask recipes, but also all the information you need to create your own.That’s right! No one can actually cover all the combinations, they are probably unlimited. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to combine ingredients and make your own recipes? This is why I included two lists at the end of the book.
The first one is a list of several skin problems and needs; at least the most common. Next to each skin issue, you will find some ingredients with the suitable properties. For example:
Puffy eyes: cucumber, chamomile, avocado.
This way, you can easily find what meets your special needs.
Next, follows another list, which includes the ingredients that have been used in the recipes in this book. Next to each ingredient you will find some of their most beneficial nutrients, as well as how they benefit the skin;
Easy, quick, economic and most of all: natural and safe! After all, could you apply on your face something safer than your food?

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