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As most entrepreneurs know, having an effective and working online digital strategy is a critical component of a successful business. Yet, surprisingly, far too few businesses actually have one in place, or can call upon it to actually help them navigate their digital ecosystem.

In this new introductory ebook on business online, Doyle Buehler introduces the
7 Deadly Digital Delusions
, which are the behaviours, misconceptions and misguidance that abound as a result of how the online media industries has grown, and how it has affected entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere.

If you've ever struggled with the clutter and confusion of growing and building your business online, take a look and see what actually may be holding your business back. Use the 7 Deadly Digital Delusions to redefine and rediscover how you can better manage you business online. Whether it is social media, content marketing, Search engine optimization, Facebook, websites, Linkedin, PPC, and everything in between, this ebook will help you understand what you really need to know, to overcome the online malaise and misinformation that has filled our heads for years from self-professed gurus and the like.

There has never been a better time to understand what you can do now, to create and leverage your business online, with a solid digital strategy or blueprint to help you manage the clutter and confusion of being online. Imagine what you could actually achieve if you had a working digital strategy that was able to grow your business?

Published: Doyle Buehler on Apr 12, 2013
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