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Gypsy Fortune Telling with Playing Cards - How to Read Ordinary Playing Cards Like an Expert

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Just like the tarot, ordinary playing cards can be used to give insight into a person’s life and personality and a glimpse into the future. There are many theories about the history of cartomancy but it is thought that the Gypsies who left their native lands to roam introduced fortune-telling cards to Europe in the fifteenth century. The 52-card deck originally came from the 78-card tarot deck and although today many gypsies read the Tarot, some Romani families still keep up the old tradition of reading ordinary playing cards.

As with tarot there are many different ways to interpret the cards and this book contains a range of easy to understand methods for reading ordinary playing cards with detailed meanings for each card. Here you will find all you need to know about cartomancy and before you know it you will be amazing your family friends with your accurate readings.

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