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God's Deal for You!

61 pages37 minutes


The "Secret" to guarantee you'll go to Heaven!
Extremely easy to read, this book clearly and understandably describes the best deal you'll ever be offered! The sooner you take the offer, the longer you'll enjoy the blessings. Why wait?

Reader's Comment: "Your book will bless the world."

Here are some of the chapters:
* What's the "Deal" All About?
* Each One of Us Will Be Held Accountable
* Just a Few Simple Rules ... What We Are Told to Do - And Not To Do
* Misuse of the Word "Sinner"
* What About All Those "Hypocrites" Out There?
* Once Saved, Always Saved!
* What Do Other Religions Offer?
* Other Benefits of Accepting the "Deal"
* God's Plan for Man

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