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The single most important reason for suffering of pain by any human being is the inability to see his own fault in any conflict. When one is disturbed, when things do not happen according plans or expectations, the immediate tendency is to blame the other person, or others. The vision that sees flaws and faults of others is the faulty vision. As long as one finds fault with others, he will not be be able to find true peace within. Seeing faults of others and pointing them out verbally is a grave error in the quest for harmony in personal and family life and life at work. In this book, which is a compilation of many question and answer sessions, Gnani Purush Dadashri gives simply easy answers to seekers from all walks of life, all strata of the society who have come to him, wanting a solution to their ongoing inner conflict, turmoil in interaction with others that lead to more hurt and pain to others and themselves, and thus creating more entanglements all around. In a step by step way, the powerful words of the Gnani, reach the very core of the listener, so that he begins to see, understand, where he himself is at fault in the whole conflict. The Gnani Purush can 'see' in his vast enlightened vision, everything that creates problems for human beings and the easy way out of it. After the seeker accepts that he indeed is the one at fault, the path to becoming free from such recurring faults gets lighted up, and the solutions open up from within.
There is much more that is given to the reader by the Gnani Purush, in this book. The Gnani or the enlightened One is one for whom nothing remains to be known. From so may different views and situations of any conflict that a human being experiences in life, the Gnani is asked, and the solutions that lead to true freedom is there in his answers. The one in pain, mental or physical, will spread and multiply pain; the blissful One always spreads bliss only,
The second section of this book is for the enlightened Ones of the Gnani Purush. They have received the knowledge of the Self and much more from the Gnani, through his now famous Gnan Vidhi. They have attained the blissful Self, but they continue to be aware of tensions and conflicts happening in their discharging life. The progress towards the flawless vision is now easier for them, because they have stopped burning in the fire of daily stress and turmoil, in human interaction.

And finally, the Gnani Purush gives glimpses of what it is like to be absolutely free from any stress, conflict, anger-pride-deceit or greed reactions. This is now a practical reality for the awakened One as he continues to focus only on his own faults that unfold in life interaction with others. This is the state where the entire world is seen as flawless. In this state there is continuous bliss of the Self only, despite living and playing the daily roles of life.

Published: Shuddha Anami on
ISBN: 9781311814074
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