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When the question, 'Who am I?', arises for a human being, his journey towards liberation begins. This is the most important question and quest for a human being. The one who responds to this question, even if casually asked, is being pointed towards the vast inner world of infinite vision and bliss of the Self. Those who find incomplete answers from their traditional religious and spiritual pursuits, ultimately come to this major milestone : 'Who am I?' What am I doing? What am I seeking?' Most of the search of a spiritual nature fails because one is not aware of the answer to the question : 'Who am I?' Without knowing who you really are, how can you decide what you want? Consequently what one ends up doing is wasting very precious time of human life in following what the mind body complex wants. The mind body complex is transient, changing and perishable and so all such efforts perish.

The answer to this question can not be arrived at through the intellect. Such an answer will not really sit within the questioner. One has travelled in countless number of bodies, human and other forms and has attained this precious body which now allows the time to pause and ask this question: 'Who am I?' 'Is this mine?' What is this mind? Am I this mind? Am I this hand that is moving about? Am I this body? Many advanced level seekers have tried to inquire into this, deeply; but they get stuck in different layers of the mind and the intellect, and find no success. This is because this question: Who am I? is the final question of man. Once he attains an experiential answer of who he is, he becomes eternal, free, never to be born again, beyond birth and death.

Now comes Gnani Purush Dadashri, whose words are to begin for you. He will become alive for you, as you read the satsang that will begin soon. Sat means eternal. Sang means company. It is in the company of the eternal One, the One who has experienced the eternal, that the meaningful answer to the question begins to be understood and then experienced. If you were to paint a thousand candles on a large piece of paper, there will be no light. A single lit candle will be able to give light and let you see in the dark.

Rare indeed are the souls in this world who lead you towards the bliss of the Self called moksha. Even more rare than these are the scriptures that describe the Self and show the ways to attain the Self. Even more rare than these are the Self realized masters who have attained the Self. An encounter with an Enlightened Master, an Atma Gnani and the consequent unfolding of the true desire for liberation within a seeker is extremely rare. The most rare of all is the direct establishment of The State of The Self, Self Realization within the seeker, at such a meeting. The core messages of innumerable scriptures have been given for the express intent of the attainment of the Self, the natural State of the Self. Self realization is the goal of human life. The Gnani Purush's words have the unparalleled power to make you interested in the pure Soul, awaken your pure love for the pure Soul, and eternally establish your conviction that You indeed are the pure Soul.

A Gnani Purush is one who is absolutely free from his mind, body and speech. He moves about in the world for only one purpose. To allow others to also attain that state. The state of complete freedom from all pain of life; mental, physical or externally induced. Such a One is Gnani Purush Dadashri, who has given the world the new easy path of liberation called Akram Vignan. It begins with this cardinal book: Who am I?

The quest for the end to all suffering begins with 'who am I?' and ends permanently with the answer. So here then is the Book that will commence your liberation. It will happen If you allow the words that have come through the medium of the Gnani Purush, to begin that for you.

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ISBN: 9781311075369
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