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Special Needs Special Answers: Memories and Milestones Toward Hope and Help for Special Needs Children and Parents

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This book can be listed in the rare book section of the library. Not because of it’s age but because of other rarities. 1.The author not only lived through all the experiences but it’s spread over almost fifty years. And that includes an advocacy not only for the author’s daughter but for many children with special needs. 2. This combination continues a rarity as the author because he is still very involved in the teaching , training and strong advocacy wherever and whenever his involvement is needed. Designed for easy reading and serves for strong learning tool for parents and advocates . It includes many stories of humor at the same time serving as a teaching process. The sad stories are heart warming as might be seen in a best seller novel. Using imagination is described as a very strong instrument of help and how anyone and all can use it as the author did and still does. There are hardly any people of the writer’s age still around-especially serving as an advocate-and he continues teaching special needs children at a private school. The rarity continues. The chapters are all vignettes each different and while sad or humorous it allows the reader to glide through the pages. Readers are challenged to re-read areas of personal concern and dwell on them for a while. Many situations in the book appear as just a piece of memoir. When time is taken to focus on most stories a lesson can be derived on how and why the author solved the problem. It covers many of life’s dilemmas for a special needs parent and then the solution. Then you are challenged to find the resemblance to your individual situation. And then you are pressed to use your imagination, a gift we all are capable of, to ease your burden.

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