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Angling Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Thirteen short stories with a twist in the tail.

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As the title suggests, here are a selection of fishing stories with a bit of a twist in the tail. From things that go bump in the night to how carp fishing may look in the future, each story may not be exactly as it seems.
It may sound obvious, but what would you do if you found the magic lantern, and were granted Three Wishes? The answer may surprise you. Wouldn’t it be great to have The Perfect Day, when every fish was wonderful and every cast was perfect, but would there be a price to pay? That little blob of blue on the Ordnance Survey map could just be the perfect carp pool, but what happens When the Bell Tolls? The uncatchable carp; is there such a thing, is there a Robocarp out there and, if so, can it actually be tamed? And that stretch of shoreline that looks so inviting; is there a reason why nobody fishes Wreckers’ Reef?
These and a few other questions are posed by authors Keith Jenkins, Harry Haskell and Mark Walsingham. All are well known for their angling writings, but now that they delve into the watery realms of fishy fiction you’ll see how their imaginations can fly. And if you read these tales by a lake, at night, don’t worry; that noise behind you is probably just a mouse or a hedgehog. Probably.

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