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Dead of July

295 pages5 hours


One Sunday afternoon Sheila came across a badly beaten young girl in a local park Her name was Anna and she was being pursued by and angry drunken man. Sheila took Anna’s hand and they ran for their lives.
When their paths crossed again, Anna told Sheila about the abuse she had suffered at the hands of Viktor, the man she lived with. Sheila, appalled by Anna’s story, helped her escape, but paid the price for interfering.
Viktor focused his attention on Sheila wanting revenge. How could she escape from someone who blended with the shadows? How could she explain being tormented by someone she couldn’t see? Who could she turn to? Who could she trust? This terrifying, yet heartwarming story has so many twists and turns it ties you in knots. Does Anna truly escape? Can Sheila outwit an evil malevolent Russian? There’s only one way to find out. Turn to the first chapter and start reading.

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