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Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital Mia's Dark Encounter

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Mia would never let anyone choose to die for her. After learning of Eva’s decision to do just that, Mia vowed that when the time came, she would ensure that Eva was the one to survive. Knowing the only one who Eva could have sought this favor from is the archangel Michael, Mia calls to him and makes arrangements to be the one who pays for the gift of her time with Andrew and her family. The battle with William and his men to reclaim one of their own led to Mia’s death at Sanctuary. As Andrew tackles a world without his other half and struggles to pick up the pieces of his children’s mournful hearts in facing a world without their mother, Mia is thrust into an existence which no longer affords her the protections of Sanctuary and her powers.

Knowing Mia’s heart would ache from the loss of her soul mate and family, Michael shrouds her new existence in a history haunted by memories of losing her husband in a violent home invasion. In doing so, he isolates her heart and opens the door to Mia’s most deadly challenge to date. Stripped of the ability to awaken her powers or recall her past, she is unaware that she has fallen into the hands of her most feared enemy, Jonathan. Armed with new skills and a secret which he will use to deceive Mia into making a commitment that seals her fate for all eternity, Jonathan is determined to claim his prize. This time the dark side may just get the soul it is hungry to consume, but only if it claims Mia before a mistaken belief leads to the end of her life at the hands of one who will extinguish his own in the process.

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