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You Have A Talent!

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God, as the Creator of man, has given every member of the human race a talent or talents with which to function in His universe. You have a talent! Every human being has a talent. Some human beings have many talents, but there is no human being without a talent.

God has given each human being his talent or talents to help him to find his place in the universe and to function readily. Discovering your talent, developing it and maximising its potential will enable you to live and function readily in the sphere of labour that God assigns to you. Leaving your talent aside and trying to acquire the talent of others and to do what they are doing or what they are supposed to do will lead to frustration. An ear cannot decide to function as an eye and succeed, neither can fishes decide to grow wings and succeed.

Because talents are God’s special abilities that He gives to man to use for Him, they best function in those who know radical conversion and radical consecration to Him. This is because the radically converted and radically consecrated know deep-seated deliverance from sin, self, bondage, the love of the world, the love of the things of the world and all else that will stand in the way of further development and use of the God-given talents. We, therefore, recommend radical conversion, radical sanctification, and radical consecration as the normal way of life for all who want to make the best use of their God-given talent or talents.

You have a talent. Seek to discover it. Know it. Develop it. Maximize its potential. Invest it in the service of God, man and yourself, and you will be truly fulfilled.

God bless you exceedingly!

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