The Stolen Rose

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The Stolen Rose

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Length: 139 pages2 hours


"I was blinded by whispered promises and I never realised how cruel a woman could be until it was too late.”

Jon treads between worlds, caught on the cusp of life and death. He is invisible among the living, a mere shadow in a landscape of loss and isolation. Blood has long since run through his veins, his body turned cold as stone.

Catterina is the beautiful and mysterious spirit who lures him to his death with the promise of seeing his mother again. But as her demands take dark and sinister turns, Jon begins to question the authenticity of Catterina’s promises.

Ensnared in a perverse web of events, and forced to take the life of Sophia Flynn – a young woman refusing to leave the world of the living – Jon faces a tough dilemma. He must learn to face his greatest fears and confront Catterina, but does he have the strength to break the spell she has over him? Death is never the end and, as Jon soon discovers, the battle has just begun.

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