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There's More: A Novella of Life and Afterlife

250 pages2 hours


Relief pitcher Jack Thorne stares at his catcher’s target. His single focus is to get this batter out. If he does, a coveted World Series ring will be his. But the Universe
has a different plan for this Catholic priest-turned-ballplayer. There’s More is a creative imagining of the ultimate human mysteries—death and Afterlife. This gripping story challenges readers to expand their existing concepts and consider broader cosmic possibilities in answer to the universal question, “What’s next?”

A bat. A ball. A swing. A bullet. A death. A guide. A life.
A bat—black-varnished, rays of setting sun splintering north, south, east, west, until tension-stilled, at the ready
A ball—virginal white, never pitched, nor struck; rocketing from hurler’s hand
A swing—fluid, potent contact, ball arrowing moundward
A bullet—fired in revenge, racing ball to target
A death.—accident? murder? projectiles: dual protagonists in this drama; the pitcher falls, forehead concaved, a blackening hole deep at crater ’s base
A guide—sent to assist at this unexpected crossing-over
A life—“There’s more . . . ”

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