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A Shakespearean Tale!

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Fiddlin’ Family Fun with Shakespeare! A fanciful tale that will stir the curiosity of those who don’t yet know Mr. Shakespeare, and tickle the fancy of those who do!

Here’s a humorous and musical way to introduce William Shakespeare to kids, with quotes and interesting facts, wrapped in Southern charm and lively mouse tails. Did you know Will Shakespeare hears things? Names, clever lines, tiny whispers of inspiration just “pop” into his head, from... whom? Well, Mr. Surrey?

“Now, that’s an interesting story and I’m here to tell it to ya. It’s a fanciful tale, that’s for certain. In fact, heh, heh, it involves quite a number of tails. But, you’ll see. Good day to ya, folks, and young ‘uns. Ever thought of enjoying some fiddlin’ fun with Shakespeare, Southern style? Well, my name’s Will Surrey, proprietor of the Surrey Gas Station in Stratford Corners in 1955 and I’m here to tell you all about how the power of a few good words drives a treasure hunt for a lost manuscript. You’ve got a heap o’ travelin’ in store, from London to New York City to Stratford Corners, but you don’t want to miss the Down Yonder!”

No, indeed, Will! Mr. Surrey is, well, your storyteller, and I’m your narrator, so welcome to an unusual introduction to quite a few delightful and rather peculiar characters and a few well-known works of William Shakespeare, particularly "Taming of the Shrew" and "Romeo & Juliet." Discover just how often we all quote the Great Bard and don’t even know it! And find out what happens when a powerful, big-city family meets the citizens of a charming little hamlet in Alabama in 1955. In four parts, the book has 14 chapters, plus Petruckio’s Mack Truck Guide to Quotes, Names & Interesting Facts. Read it to anyone 5 and up (with great expression!), or hand it to anyone ages 9 to 12 or grades 4 to 7 (or higher). They’ll learn a few new good words.

As this is the romantic comedy stage musical that yearned to be a book, our tale includes the lyrics to seven songs. Information about the song downloads or CD, and information about performing the original script, is all in the book. Sing along with musical flavors from English country dance tunes to Broadway to Southern country swing. Will Surrey calls the score “a toe-tapper, touched with a happy tear or two.” Now, Mr. Surrey?

“I’m right here, so gather ‘round. This should make you smile. And maybe even giggle. And you folks readin’ it to your grandkids, well, it might just make you nostalgic for the ‘50s, heh, heh. Remember..., don’t forget to imagine! Anyone for checkers?”

Thank you, Will! The historical fiction series that will follow the journey of the manuscript from London to Alabama, from 1616 to 1955, is in the works. See more about Tales of the Lost Manuscript in the book. The fictional liberties we take with details of Shakespeare’s life are explained in Part Five. The layout is designed for a friendlier and more open page, especially for our younger readers.

Celebrate life and love and good words with humor that charms all ages. And don’t miss the Down Yonder! Get a copy and try it out with your kids today!

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