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Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, World...

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If you were dying and you had one last chance to talk with the people that matter most to you, what would you say? If everything was on the line, and nothing was left on the table, what wisdom would you impart?

Back in 2007, professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University learned that he was dying from pancreatic cancer. Taking on a tradition held by academics, he delivered “one last lecture” to a group of about 400 colleagues and students.

My name is Ray Majoran, and this book is my last lecture.

If you know me or have known me at all, much of “who I am” is in this book. Conversely, if you’ve never known me, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope and pray that it will be of benefit to you.

I have itemized this book into three parts. The first part is my case for God and Jesus. You may be a complete atheist or want nothing to do with the church. Please allow me to state my case. You may want to close the book after the opening paragraph of Part 1, but please don’t.

The second part is specifically directed to people who call themselves Christians. Of course, I would encourage you “to read it whether you call yourself a Christian or not. Again, my hope is that all who read this book will be challenged.

The final section of the book contains some of my life experiences. Hopefully you can learn from, and be inspired by, some of the things that God has walked me through.

So thinking back to the original question: If I were dying and had one last chance to talk with the people that matter most to me, what would I say?

You are the people who matter most to me and I’ve been pondering that question for my entire adult life.

Am I dying?


And you are too.

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