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Understanding Eternal Life

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If actually the only thing the devil was looking for was the authority and dominion Adam had, why did he offer Jesus the same thing if he was not looking for something else, something better and more glorious than what he had already gotten? If becoming the god and prince of this world was the devil’s ultimate desire, why was he willing to trade that with Christ if he had no ulterior motives? Do you think he was eager to trade it for nothing? No!

The devil was not satisfied of being the god of this world; he wanted to be the God of heaven and earth. What do you think would have happened if Christ bowed and worshipped him? What do you think would have happened if Christ failed as the first Adam did? There would have been a catastrophe in the kingdoms of all that God created, both visible and invisible. Jesus’ position and office as the Christ would have been transferred over to the devil legally just as it happened to the first Adam.

Eternal Life in Christ Jesus is the greatest gift God has given to man. Jesus did not come into the world just to make us rich. There were so many rich men on earth before He came. This is not to suggest that material wealth is outside the scope of God’s plan for us. The point I am making is simply that there is something more important than riches which Christ brought to us. He did not just come so that we can have miracles; many outstanding miracles were performed before He came.

Jesus was not the first to raise the dead or the first to divinely multiply food. Jesus walked on the sea while Moses divided the sea. Miracles, signs and wonders could still be performed if Christ did not come, however, there was something Christ brought to us that all these great men in the Old Testament could not offer. Christ became superior to these men not by the miracles He performed but because He was the son of God, who died and was raised from the dead, and who through His death and resurrection, has given us Eternal Life. He is alive forever!

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