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Mister Miser

Length: 19 pages12 minutes


This is a dark little tale focusing on brooding billionaire and notorious scrooge, Mister Miser. Driven by ego, fuelled by hate, endlessly accumulating more wealth, Miser lives a sad little life behind the doors of his vast, cavernous mansion - the only human company he can scarcely endure is that of his loyal servant, Mr Banks. An unlikely overnight revolution of hearts and minds brings Miser’s dark world crashing down - he struggles to adjust to a society where money and power are meaningless concepts and poverty, war, corruption, discrimination and other evils are banished to history.

Mister Miser remains just so, seemingly the only person still retaining a monstrous ego and unnatural desire for wealth. Banks, acutely aware of the situation, finally stands up to his master after years of submission and delivers a devastating critique. Miser is shocked into silence, but Banks can see that a great truth is beginning to descend. The servant makes a final plea to the master: to abandon his ego and join the new world, or to remain rooted in the past and destroy it.

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