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Life Goes On

Length: 194 pages3 hours


Becky and Dan Jeffries had just arrived home from their honeymoon when Becky realized that at the age of thirty-nine she was pregnant. She’d lost several babies prematurely during her first marriage so this was a mixed blessing.
Their lives change and Becky now works at home as a publishing editor. She discovers a new author that she’s sure will be a winner and possibly have her book about a battered wife made into a movie. She encourages the author to write two sequels to her first book.
One of Dan’s experiences on his job as a detective is frightening as he becomes involved in fighting a terrorist attack. Another case he investigates involves an elderly woman who is forced to defend herself. It turns out to be a rather amusing investigation.
Dan’s brother and aunt find living in Australia not the happy experience they expect and his ex-wife Emily takes up painting and finds a new love.

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