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Employee Retention and the 21st Century Leader

Length: 125 pages1 hour


Does your business have a problem with retention? Learn how to be a 21st Century Leader to fix the problem. Each chapter is short and to the point; giving real life examples of how to be a great leader. Also included are exercises to help you along your way to being not just a good manager, but an amazing leader.

Who is this book for? Three groups: those who are having a problem with high rates of employee turnover, those who are in a position of leadership already but want to improve their skills, and finally those that want to move into a leadership role.

What is a 21st Century Leader? It’s not a new concept, leaders have been doing it for years and books have been teaching it. Basically the 21st Century Leader inspires others to want to work for them. They are free with knowledge of what is going on in their location. They love to both teach and learn. They are the great leaders that take people into the day-to-day battle of the job.

Included are 5 sections dealing with everything from insights on how to get to know your employees to how to get to know the right people to help you along your management career path.

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