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Brave, Episode One - The Color of Rage: Brave, #1

Length: 70 pages56 minutes


Real estate agent Chloe Sheldon has a secret. On the run from a painful and abusive past, she has stayed away from love and focused on making the most of her new life, tucking the darkness away. But her new boss Jonathan Maynard seems like everything she ever wanted in a man: intoxicating and brimming with charm, reminding her there is more to life than fear. In spite of everything, Chloe feels a strong attraction and a desire for something more.

As Chloe tries to let go of her worries, she sees cause for both hope and caution. Getting to know Jonathan on a deeper level shows he has a darker side of his own--enough to make her question if he can be trusted as anything but a colleague, if even that. And the untimely arrival of a person she has tried to forget, stalking her every move, proves that the nightmares of her own past aren't ready to let go of her yet.

BRAVE, The Color of Rage is the first part of Brave, a romantic suspense serial novel by Melissa Shaw.

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