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Infinite Odyssey of 'Being'

Length: 105 pages1 hour


Reality, what is its substance based in? There are multi-dimensional realities, none less real than another. However, each reality has its base in the enigmatic substance of Life which can only support life in expression at the resonant quality afforded, so one’s personal reality depends on the qualitative value one allows one’s inter-dimensional reality to be based in. Many may question, ‘why’? However, it is a time to understand the underlying principles of the creative action of such enigmatic substance, rather than argue the point. The enigmatic substance of Life is the ultimate changeling and it will substantiate one’s reality qualitatively, the only way it can!. Knowledgeable resonant alignment is as a transformational ingredient engendering an enriched experience of Life from point of creative conception to manifestation. Familiarity with Resonant Linguistics walks one through the doorway of understanding enabling one to grasp the principles of Holonomic Science – ‘resonating in common frequency with’. Life lifts up the lives of those who would understand it!

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