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A Week As A White Girl

Length: 77 pages1 hour


Brandon is a handsome black boy from the worst part of town, a high school student and a merciless lady-killer. He is bedding every girl that that comes on his path and together with his homeboy Aron he is always hunting for fresh white meat.
But from the moment he sets his eyes on the wrong girl, his life is about to change. When he wakes up and notices he is a girl, it he learns that black magic is nothing to joke about. And when he realizes that he is changed into a white girl, the horror is complete. He is given a simple challenge. He has to live as a white girl for one week. But to make his situation even more complicated, the girl he has changed into turned out to have quite an appetite for boys.
In a week he gets to know his hoodlum friend Aron better then he had wished for, get’s finally in the pants of one of his unattainable dream girls and has a quite humiliating sexual experience with a sly geek.
During this week Brandon finds out that being a snowbunny isn’t as bad as he had thought.
This sizzling sex story is the first in a line of a gender-bending series featuring male to female gender transformation, interracial gender bending sex, anal penetration, vaginal penetration, interracial black on white sex, humiliation, facials, lesbian sex, subordination and more.

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