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Like Riding A Storm (Like Riding A Bike (Ken & Michael), #3)

Length: 85 pages1 hour


Ken and Michael are back, and a year later, they are still attending to ‘pressing’ business. Under Michael’s insistence, Ken resigns from his miserable job, and opens the Rowe Art Gallery. Unfortunately, Ken lands up with a new business partner, and Marcello is relentless, threatening to come between the lovers.

With Michael’s hand in Ken’s new business finally revealed, will they resolve their issues or will Ken terminate their relationship, both professionally and intimately? Michael’s possessive side is laid bare, but he will do anything to please Ken, and he does ....

Can they ride out the storm, and turn the current twists into a second honeymoon, before they set sail on a new adventure?

Please note that this is the third complete part in a series of novellas involving Michael and Ken. It contains 16 555 words which is approximately 80 delicious pages Thicke.

The content of this publication is intended for a mature audience and it contains many elegantly written, yet racy scenes.

If you enjoy these three books, the two sexy men will be back in ‘Like Riding A Wave’, part four of the ‘Like Riding a Bike’ series.

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