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Golden Magic

58 pages41 minutes


High above, snaking out of a crack between the boulders at the top of the Mountain, rose
a gigantic black Chinese dragon, immense wings unfolding over his ancient head, red mouth
wide open, showing enormous white teeth. His massive front legs, with paws held out, had blood red talons curved towards Tara the Golden and Alvin the Crocodile Dragon.
Marc and Ethan have to work out how to save their friends, the King Dragons, from that
evil Treasure Dragon. First they have to find something to entice the Treasure Dragon out of his lair so he can be captured. Then they have to capture that evil dragon.
Follow Ethan, Marc and their King Dragon riders, as they work their way through
difficulties and adventures with their naughty, funny and amazingly magic King Dragons Ping
and Yu. This is the third book in the exciting series, Riding the Lung Wang: King Dragons of China.

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