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18: Stories 37-48

Length: 122 pages2 hours


18 With a Place for Both Men
Nasha has waited a long time to turn 18. There’s a few me she loves, and they’ve given her so much. All she wants is to give back. Luckily, she knows just what they need.

18 With a Place for One More
Continuing from the previous story, Nasha is not done. There’s one more man who’s given so much to her. And she has something reserved for him, something she’s not given to anyone else.

18 and Crossing the Road
A girl can only badger an older man for so long. Eventually, she’ll turn 18 and want to do so much more.

18 and Breaking and Entering
The party next door kept him up all night. Now someone has broken into his house. What’s a man to do when her finds that person in the shower.

18 and Taking Applicants
Lynn is 18 now. She’s not college material, but the rich family who adopted her has arranged for her to be a trophy wife. Now she just has to decide which man she wants to marry. There are plenty of applicants.

18 and on his Dock
Marty likes the solitude of the swamplands. But when a hot young woman tempts him, suddenly being alone doesn’t seem so necessary.

18 and Getting It
He was always her favorite teacher. She was always his favorite student. She’s always wanted something more. Now that she’s 18, she can do something about it.

18 and Hunted
What do you do when you find out your older boyfriend has been cheating on you? Well, if you’re an 18 hot chick with an insatiable sex drive, it’s not hard to figure out. You play a game.

18 and Needing More
Some young women are happy with what they got. Some need a little more. Some need a lot more. Luckily, Jon’s around.

18 Ogled and More
Rose’s boyfriend has dumped her. But she’s not sad. She’s actually thrilled. Now she’s free to entertain a few friends.

18 and Can’t Get Enough
Marie loses her virginity and she loves it. The only problem is it didn’t last long enough. Luckily, the guy wants another date. Maybe she’ll figure out a way to get a lot more this time.

18 and Obsessed
Naomi has gotten just a taste of something. Ever since then, she can’t get it out of her head.

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