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Dream Lover

Length: 65 pages1 hour


Gina is going through a dry spell of men. She hasn't had a good lover in a long time. Her body and unconscious mind drags her through a series of lovers who are erotic and exciting but not as fulfilling as an actual lover.
Friday night at the bar with friends, she decides to take a chance on a nondescript friend of the good looking guy in the bar. Barry turns out to be a phenomenal lover who goes all weekend. The problem - he is only a weekend guy. He works out of town all week.
Monday night Gina's staid forty year old boss asks her to stay late to work on a report. Mark in his suit is sort of dumpy but get him out of his suit and he turns into a passionate lover. The problem - he is only a week day guy. He has his kids every weekend.
Gina decides to keep both her boys so long as everyone is on the same page. Weeks into their wonderful arrangement, one Friday Barry comes to the office to surprise Gina. The two men decide that three is better than two.

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